Oakland Mbira Club


Presenter: Mahea Uchiyama

Presenter: Mahea Uchiyama

Bringing the music and tradition of the mbira to the Oakland community.

The mbira is a mystical form of music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and is considered to have the power to provide comfort to all who experience it.

Learn the tradition and technique of this ancient healing art, including how to play basic songs, how to lead, and how to follow. Through this practice you will also learn Shona singing, and be introduced to the Shona spiritual worldview.

Group lessons begin on Monday, September 12th, 2016

$15 per class for each group lesson
Instruments available to borrow during class or for purchase. Instruments are not available for loan.

Special Events

Sunday, October 9th, 7:00PM



Mbira Master Fradreck Mujuru and Erica Azim in Concert

Music of the Ancestors
The Back Room
1984 Bonita in Berkeley
(Parking across the street. Close to bus and BART)
Admission $20



Mbira Class With Musekiwa ChingodzaMusekiwa-IMG_9382c2

Tuesday, October 25th, 7 – 9:00PM
Oakland Mbira Clubhouse
Admission $20

Musekiwa Chingodza is a highly acclaimed musician who performs traditional mbira music of Zimbabwe. Beloved by many around the globe, Musekiwa is known for his soulful vocals and virtuoso playing style.

Born into a family of master mbira players in rural Zimbabwe, Musekiwa began playing mbira at the age of five. Today he is invited to perform regularly at traditional ceremonies in Zimbabwe to call the spirits, and has had numerous successful tours in North America since 1999.


Immersed deeply in Shona culture, Musekiwa states, “Our music is both medicine and food, as mbira has the power to heal and to provide for people. Mbira pleases both the living and the dead.”

A multi-faceted musician with many talents, Musekiwa can teach all levels of mbira, singing, drumming, hosho (shakers), marimba and dancing. His classes are a delight, and students often comment on how they enjoy his gentle teaching style and engaging personality.

Musekiwa will offer a special mbira class to the Oakland Mbira Club! Donʻt miss this chance to experience traditional instruction from a master teacher from Zimbabwe!

Space is limited. Contact info@mahea.com to reserve your spot.

Join The Club! Enjoy the beauty of Shona music and dance in the East Bay.

Maheaʻs mbira students practicing by the Bay

Learning Mbira

What to Expect

After the basic pattern of a given mbira song is taught to the group, the session will be structured to allow each student to practice on their own and advance at their own speed. However, students will also be encouraged to practice with another classmate if possible.
Please note: Audio recording is encouraged. Video recording of the teacher is not allowed, but students are welcome to video each others hands.

What to Bring

It is recommended to bring an audio recording device to each class.

Contact us for registration information.

This project was supported in part by a grant from the City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program.City of Oakland

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