TatauA collection of compelling, beautiful and sensual Tahitian songs and drumming, including Tapa’o No Te Here, and Te Moana. Guaranteed to get your hips moving, this is a must have for any serious collector of Tahitian music.

Te Moana We are all connected by the ocean.
‘Ote’a Heivari’i Featured on the 2009, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards!
Pua Noanoa Weave a flower hei to entice the beautiful one to dance!
Kaveka The legend of the bird Kaveka.
Ua Ro’ohia Ta’u Tino it Te Ati “I am caught up with difficulty.”
‘Ote’a KahaiaTaura o Te Here Give thanks and praise to the creator for each other.
Tapa’o No Te Here The Sacred Fire is the sign of love.
Taure’are’a A call to the youth of today to step forward.
Morning at Mo’orea A song of love for the island of Mo’orea
‘Ote’a Nahiti Na Manu ‘Erua An ‘ote’a telling the legend of the Dual-Spirit Bird