• A walk by the Sea

  • Photo by Eric Mindling

    Photo by Eric Mindling

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  • From Student Handout to Published Work

    Almost 35 years ago we moved to California from Honolulu and (luckily for me) landed in Uncle Joe Kahāʻulelioʻs hālau. After he passed away a few years later I began to teach hula. I noticed one thing right away. Those of us who were from Hawaiʻi had a very different perspective on the hula from […]

  • Celebrating The Unifying Power Of Traditional Dance

    Uchiyama grew up within the Hawaiian hula tradition of her hometown, Washington D.C. Her love for the practice later brought her to places like Hawai’i, New Zealand and Tahiti, where she studied dance and immersed herself in local culture. She spoke to KALW’s Jen Chien. Listen to the interview.

Important Message

Recently, I learned that a track from one of my recordings was sampled and used without my permission in a rap music single with explicit lyrics, and that I was referred to by name as the "featured artist." Please know that I was never approached by the performer for my permission, and that if I were, I would not have given it for such a project. I am working on having all references to me removed. ~Mahealani